Providing access to the arts and skill development opportunities through the use of music for those with special and social needs.



Accessible Programs

We strive to create an environment that removes all barriers keeping our clients from achieving their full musical potential. We provide services such as multi-sensory instruction and hand on learning in a safe and comforting environment where everyone can be the musician we know they can be.


We provide a large variety of accessible instruments and facilities that cater to the individual learning styles and needs of our clients. Programming is further enhanced by the use of PECS and sign language, a snoozelen cubby, a fully accessible washroom, and caring staff eager to enjoy musical activities.

Musical & Sensory

Research has shown that people who have trouble learning through conventional means find success in learning skills through music. With music as our foundation, we thoroughly implement music and sound into every aspect of MusicMates’ programs. We learn valuable social skills such as turn taking and listening, provide organised and interactive music and share the spotlight when demonstrating newly acquired skills.

Our Location


4034 Bath Road Unit 1,
Kingston ON. K7N 4Y4


613-876-SING (7464)